Various Work


Ontological-Hysteric Theater, Listen/Space, Cousin Dave’s House, Incubator Arts Project, Fresh Ground Pepper, The Silent Barn


A collection of performances over the years.

OZETset (2013); [The] servant (cleaning up in the next room) cannot make music. (2013); OZET Katorga Workshop #2: Retraction Holiday (2012); OZET Drinking Ritual (2012); OZET Katorga Workshop #1 (2012); OZET Band: Premier (2011); The Smuggler • OZET Generation: 19 (2011); LULLABY (2009); there’s a distance at which control returns to us (2008)


100 Year Old Man ChimeBox Movie + [The] servant (cleaning up in the next room) cannot make music

Katorga Retraction Holiday

11 hours.

long night / long song / mark the hours come and gone / cow in the gray barn /child in the hayloft

OZET Drinking Ritual

Cousin, who will drive the harrow? Thirteen empty stokas wait.
Autumn calls for rye. Sow while it's light.


Aaron Meicht, Scott Blumenthal, Daniel Baker, Paula Matthusen, Sean Hagerty