Alberts I-V


August 5-8, 2010 7pm


New York, NY


Ten years before the historic launch of the Collective Sphere OZET, five men endure eight grueling months of astronautical training in a secret facility three miles west of Zhytomyr. Two pioneers make the cut. A new chapter in the evolving OZET saga, featuring live acoustic and electronic music, dialogue, film, scientific exposition, boxing, duct tape, pickles and vodka.

Working Materials

Alberts I-V Score

Alberts I-V Scenario


Albert 2

Footage captured of Albert 2 (Kirilov) before the unfortunate centrifuge accident that cost him his life.

Leonid Pavlovich Titov

The OZET pioneer (Albert 5) is shown exercising in rural Russia before joining the Space Program.

Avram Selig Eichenbaum

The OZET pioneer (Albert 3) is shown wandering the streets around Sobornyi Square in Zhytomyr before joining the Space Program.

Excerpts from Alberts I-V

We are not the first men in space,
but we are the men who carried a table
off the face of the earth to prove
that civilization can thrive somewhere new.

OZET Archival Footage #20332-A

6 March 1918
Veksler Training Complex
3 Miles West of Zyhtomyr

Birds in Boxes

I had a vision, an experiment to try:
put birds in boxes, lift them by balloons.


Scott Blumenthal: acting, guitar
Aaron Meicht: acting, trumpet
Paula Matthusen and Wil Smith: pre-show assistants

Designers / Crew

Paula Matthusen: live electronics
Broken Chord: sound
Jayce Bartok and Andres Karu: opening film
Thomas Dunn: lights
Anya Klepikov: set design consultant