Alberts I-V


New York, NY


Ten years before the historic launch of the Collective Sphere OZET, five men endure eight grueling months of astronautical training in a secret facility three miles west of Zhytomyr. Two pioneers make the cut. A new chapter in the evolving OZET saga, featuring live acoustic and electronic music, dialogue, film, scientific exposition, boxing, duct tape, pickles and vodka.


Excerpts from Alberts I-V

We are not the first men in space,
but we are the men who carried a table
off the face of the earth to prove
that civilization can thrive somewhere new.

OZET Archival Footage #20332-A

6 March 1918
Veksler Training Complex
3 Miles West of Zyhtomyr

Birds in Boxes

I had a vision, an experiment to try:
put birds in boxes, lift them by balloons.


Scott Blumenthal: acting, guitar
Aaron Meicht: acting, trumpet
Paula Matthusen and Wil Smith: pre-show assistants

Designers / Crew

Paula Matthusen: live electronics
Broken Chord: sound
Jayce Bartok and Andres Karu: opening film
Thomas Dunn: lights
Anya Klepikov: set design consultant