Origins of OZET



Rattlestick Theater, Ontological-Hysteric Theater


The origins of OZET: early explorations of the melodic structure. The “Bernal Project” pieces integrated ideas and text by Carl Sagan, Karl Kraus, Mark Kurlansky, Barbara Rosenwein, and Peter Singer. The final origin piece, “There’s a distance…”, included the first original text by Scott Blumenthal.

Formula (2007); Scene 2 (2007); Scene 8 (2008); Scene 5-7 (2008); There’s a distance at which control returns to us (2008)

Working Materials

Bernal Project Formula (score)

Bernal Project Scene 2 (score)

Bernal Project Scene 8 (score)

Bernal Project Scenes 5-7 (score)

There’s a distance at which control returns to us (score)


Excerpt from Scene 6

"It is the height of ingratitude if a sausage calls a pig a pig"

Excerpt 1 from Scene 8

"To be human is erroneous."

Excerpt 2 from Scene 2

"The superman is a premature ideal, one that presupposes man."


Alex Barreto (actor), Scott Blumenthal (actor), Eric km Clark (violin), Kara Feely (actor), Travis Just (alto saxophone/clarinet), Aaron Meicht (trumpet), Seth Meicht (tenor saxophone/clarinet), James Moore (electric guitar/acoustic guitar), Quentin Tolimieri (keyboards/chimes), Harris Wulfson (violin/acoustic guitar)