OZET presents original research on the (Augmented) Periodic Infinity Organ.


July 16, 18 and 20, 2020


Interrobang:New Works at The Brick
Brooklyn, NY


The (Augmented) Periodic Infinity Organ is a multi-performer, moving picture-generating sculptural instrument that was developed during the so-called Golden Age (Generations 5 through 10), as the embodiment of newfound unity between OZET’s 20 farming villages, and a vehicle for expressing the continuity of OZET’s past (Earth) and present. Constructed in the central City by OZET’s most celebrated musicians and craftspeople, the instrument was initially played at celebrations decreed by the Council. It incorporated acoustic and electronic sound generators, film projectors, video monitors, and mechanisms for moving the device during performance. Eventually, the villages built their own (Augmented) Periodic Infinity Organs, each with its local idiosyncrasies and occasions for use.

OZET will premier two historically significant story songs written for it and deliver a short lecture demonstration about the device.


OZET presents original research on the (Augmented) Periodic Infinity Organ.

Filmed in live at The Brick, Brooklyn, NY, on July 20, 2019.


Daniel Baker: vocals
Scott Blumenthal: presentation, guitar, synthesizer
Aaron Meicht: presentation, trumpet, synthesizer