Koba / OZET Songbook


Ontological-Hysteric Theater


A spec-fic mystery with Soviet overtones for seven musicians and three actors. After the break, a rock band performs official and unofficial selections from the OZET Songbook.


Koba: Scene 4 & 5

ENDZELA: Go home, Koba. You're in way over your head.

Koba: Scene 3

Work Task 5. Play this.

OZET Songbook: When My Children Arrive

They'll be born on that river
who make it across
for that river's eight childhoods wide


Matt Bauder: tenor sax
Scott Blumenthal: acting, guitar, singing
LeeAnne Hutchinson: acting
Darius Jones: alto sax
Aaron Meicht: trumpet, electronics, singing
Seth Meicht: tenor sax
James Moore: guitar
Mike Pride: drums
Steven Rattazzi: acting
Josh Sinton: baritone sax
Wil Smith: keyboards

Designers / Crew

Broken Chord, Daniel Kluger: sound