Koba / OZET Songbook


March 6, 2010


Ontological-Hysteric Theater


A spec-fic mystery with Soviet overtones for seven musicians and three actors. After the break, a rock band performs official and unofficial selections from the OZET Songbook.

Working Materials

Koba Score

Koba Scene 7


OZET Songbook: Koba

Someone must have known him and someone must have killed him and someone has to find the one who killed the only stranger.

Koba: Scene 3

Work Task 5: Play this.

Koba: Scene 4 & 5

ENDZELA: Go home, Koba. You're in way over your head.

Koba: Scene 7

I heard music... out there, in the middle of the forest. It was coming from a kind of lean-to made out of sticks and blankets.

OZET Songbook: OZET Protest Song

Was it right that he should use it to put cream into his coffee and put butter on his rye bread and seduce the local women when my coffee tasted bitter and my nights were so tormented?

OZET Songbook: Spider's Egg

Liquids and powders swirling around us no way of holding them down. Three-dimensional life.

OZET Songbook: When My Children Arrive

They'll be born on that river
who make it across
for that river's eight childhoods wide


Matt Bauder: tenor sax
Scott Blumenthal: acting, guitar, singing
LeeAnne Hutchinson: acting
Darius Jones: alto sax
Aaron Meicht: trumpet, electronics, singing
Seth Meicht: tenor sax
James Moore: guitar
Mike Pride: drums
Steven Rattazzi: acting
Josh Sinton: baritone sax
Wil Smith: keyboards

Designers / Crew

Broken Chord, Daniel Kluger: sound