Common Hall Village 20


January 26, 27, 28, 29, 31 and February 2, 3, 4 2012


Incubator Arts Project


On the eve of the Festival of the Fifteenth Generation, the Pioneers of Village 20 gather to watch The Council’s official broadcast. The vodka is free, the band plays anthems and local favorites, and the villagers wonder, “Will the soil recover? Are the men in the corner really here to help?” Before the celebration ends, a shocking interruption will expose a fissure in the OZET’s Utopian facade, and the Pioneers will face the beginning of a new, troubled age.

CVH20 was inspired in equal parts by images from the Romanian Revolution, the writings of J.D. Bernal, the life and music of Woody Guthrie, and the creators’ years as participant-observers in the local scene at the 80-year-old Washington Heights watering hole Reynold’s Cafe.

Working Materials

Common Hall Village 20 Score

Common Hall Village 20 Playbook


An Ode to Our Travellers of the Constellations

Carina slices into the sea of space
among the shining spray of stars am I

The Good Wishes and Wisdom of a High Member of the Grand Council

Trust the council. Make your homes thrive as we safeguard OZET's course.
To the Fifteenth Generation! And to OZET!

The Council Ends the Festival

The sky is dark. [We]
have no confusion.
Your parents could see
a blue illusion.

Festival Broadcast

The adult pioneers now gather together for these purposes...


DZIDZIA … Liesl Tommy
ZURAB … Brendan Spieth
NIKOLOZ … Daniel Baker
MALKHAZI … Scott Blumenthal
THE DRUMMER … Brendan Dougherty
COUNCILOR … Paul Zimet
SUBVERSIVE #1 … Jesse Perez
SUBVERSIVE #2 … Paula Matthusen
SUBVERSIVE #3 … David Hopkins

Devan Aptekar, Jayce Bartok, Miles Blumenthal, Matt Carlson, Frank Chism, Raquel Cion, Lee Sunday Evans, Kara Feely, Peter Ginsberg, Tilly Grimes, Gaelen Hadlett, Jonathan Hiam, John Holyoke, Dave Hopkins, Travis Just, Michael Kafka, Polly Lee, Seth Meicht, Brenda Mitchell, Cait O’Conner, Kate Reuther, Alejandro Rodriguez, Brian Schmitz, Ekaterina Smirnova, David Townsend, Ben Vershbow, Brian Voelker, Stephen Williams

Designers / Crew

Britt Plunkett: set
Thomas Dunn: lights
Kathleen Geldard: costumes
Dan Scully: video
Broken Chord, Daniel Kluger, Brandon Wolcott: sound
Jesse Perez: choreography