Bernal Project



Rattlestick Theater, Ontological-Hysteric Theater


The origins of OZET: early explorations of the melodic structure. These “Bernal Project” pieces integrated ideas and text by Carl Sagan, Karl Kraus, Mark Kurlansky, Barbara Rosenwein, and Peter Singer.

Scene 5-7 (2008); Scene 8 (2008); Scene 2 (2007); Formula (2007)


Excerpt from Scene 6

"It is the height of ingratitude if a sausage calls a pig a pig"

Excerpt 1 from Scene 8

"To be human is erroneous."

Excerpt 2 from Scene 2

"The superman is a premature ideal, one that presupposes man."


Alex Barreto (actor), Eric km Clark (violin), Kara Feely (actor), Travis Just (alto saxophone/clarinet), Aaron Meicht (trumpet), Seth Meicht (tenor saxophone/clarinet), James Moore (electric guitar/acoustic guitar), Quentin Tolimieri (keyboards/chimes), Harris Wulfson (violin/acoustic guitar)